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Other UI thoughts: 100% cranberry is best. Garlic capsules and real garlic (not salt) help fight infections. Probiotic yogurt like activa helps balance internal bacterial balance. Vitamin C improves immunity. Also don't drink alcohol or apple juice when ya get a UI.

I had a nice big response to this detailing the finer points of my problems and why this kind of practical advice, that is awesome for most people, no longer applies to me.

But I accidentally closed the tab and lost it.

Long story short: These kinds of things only help me a miniscule amount now because my shit’s fucked. It’s not any kind of imbalance (at least not that I’ve been tested for because even though I have a referral to a really good urologist, I can’t use it without insurance YAY) but outside forces combines with my bad kidneys.

Fun facts about Tasha’s shitty UT system:

- I do not drink at all because even a couple drinks will leave me with a kidneyache.

- The course of meds I’m given for my infections is over 3 times longer and a higher dosage than a typical treatment for normal people with UTIs because otherwise it’ll immediately come back.

- I’m limited to the shitty antibiotic Cipro because it’s the only high dose antibiotic that doesn’t make me vomit all over everything. BONUS FACT: Cipro has left me with shoulder, hip (well, worse hips because they were messed up before), and knee problems because apparently it fucks with your tendons. And I take it at least 3 times a year. Yup. DOUBLE BONUS FACT: I once wasted $250 to try an antibiotic before I got to Cipro that was stronger than amoxicillin and just threw up all over it. And that was for one bottle.

-Eating a lot of dairy and/or beans leaves me in kidney pain

-Cloudy pee is pretty normal for me. Side note: If your pee is cloudy or dark, please be kind to your kidneys and drink more water. You don’t want to end up like me.

-I’m on track to beat my record of 4 infections. The way this year is going, I’ll have 5 before 2015 hits. This has steadily been increasing from my first infection in 2006 and two infections in 2010-ish and 3 in 2012.

-This sucks.

In response to everyone mentioning cranberries:

Yup, yes, I am aware! Cranberry is a big part of my life. The problem is that my UT and kidneys are messed up and I’m way, WAY more prone to infections than a normal person. And because of how rekt my whole system is thanks to chronic/recurring infections, mine usually progress really quickly. I mean like no symptoms to full blown bladder injection in less than a day quickly.

and please remember: Cranberry is only a preventative thing. Never EVER tell someone its a cure that will take away an infection! It won’t. Antibiotics are the only way to completely kill an infection! Cranberry can help but it’s not a replacement for medicine!

Fuck my life

It is an infection.

The pain was barely there when I went yo the bathroom this morning but it was there for sure. Same funky smell and now suddenly it’s basically opaque pee because it’s so cloudy. Now that I’m aware of it, my bladder feels heavy and my urethra is irritated just a tiny bit. Bleh. I JUST had an infection like… not even 3 months ago? Fuck. I guess my body couldn’t handle eating beans and having sex on nights one right after the other.

And I work a double today :’D

I’m off tomorrow and also get paid tomorrow but fuck this is the last thing I need a month before moving. Ugh why. Whyyyy does this shit always happen?






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