I need safety goggles

so gentle

cyberwormxt said: because of “Plus my in-person experience with the kinds of people who go to brony meetups and pony cons has been… awkward at best.” …

You made the decision, yo

askthenightguards said: You see, this is why I prepared ahead of time and shaved my neck.

There’s a lot of people where no amount of neckshaving can take away the inner neckbeard

askcheeseyburger said: The brony con for the UK is saying they have to stop soon due to lack of funds but I dunno if that’s not just a marketing ploy by them. Personally though I think 100 person events like mine would be far better for the pony scene than 1000+ versions

I would probably enjoy a gather with only people I know of and care about rather than a convention hall filled with people I don’t when it comes a single-interest con

ask-googlechrome said: im going to bronycon :D

Con…grats? You must be REALLY excited about it if you threw this comment on a post about not caring for the concept the very concept (hah, concept) of Bronycon :U

askcharliefoxtrot said: Ponies shouldn’t have it’s own cons. It should be part of larger cons. The fandom got too big too fast, few other shows have their own conventions. It’s better off being part of a larger con, as other shows are.

I don’t think ponies shouldn’t have their own con, it just doesn’t appeal to me. People enjoy what they enjoy and I’ll let them enjoy that. Though, I definitely don’t see many of the pony cons being long-term. Or at the very least, BIG long term events. It did explode, yes, and that’s probably going to make it nosedive a few years in the future - especially after the show ends.

Two years ago, I would have loved going to Bronycon

One year ago, it seemed cool maybe to meet up with friends and stuff that I may not get to see otherwise

This year, the thought of going is less than pleasant. And I’m glad we never followed through with trying to make it there.

I love con! But anime cons. Anime cons don’t have such a narrow focus. You find panels and events on a wide variety of nerdy subjects and there’s something for everyone. It’s not just PONIESPONIESPONIES.

Plus my in-person experience with the kinds of people who go to brony meetups and pony cons has been… awkward at best. Not something I think I could handle for a whole weekend. More power to those of you who can but it’s just not my scene.

Though there is still a lot of you I would love to meet in person!


wonderfullywicked asked:

Also, do you have any favorite white cards? Mine have always been "50,000 volts straight to the nipples" and "Getting so angry that you pop a boner"

bestofcardsagainsthumanity answered:

You know, that’s a good question. I’m not sure if it’s my absolute favorite, but the Big Black Dick card (and related superlatives) is always a crowd pleaser, imo. :D

"Bees." is forever the best in my book



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